June 4-6, 2019 | Calgary, AB

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The Operational Excellence in Energy, Chemicals & Resources Summit is returning to Calgary June 4-6, 2019 and will bring together over 250 Heads of OE, Operations, Assets and HSE to discuss how to optimize safety, efficiency, sustainability and reliability to drive world-class business performance.< ...

Featured Interviews and Case Studies

How Chevron Canada is Driving Operational Excellence to the Frontline

In anticipation of the Calgary Operational Excellence in Energy, Chemicals & Resources Summit, we sat down with Troy Geertson, Vice President, Health, Environment, Safety & Regulatory at Chevron Canada. Troy tells us about how Chevron is developing into a better learning organization and leveraging new technologies to enhance field operations...

Transforming the Oil and Gas Company with Equinor

Jim Claunch, Vice President of Business Efficiency at Equinor shares his unique insights on the digital transformation of oil and gas companies and the barriers facing companies on this transformation journey.  Jim has over 30 years of experience in the oil and gas industry and shares his expertise with us...

Digital from the Ground Up: Growth and Innovation at Rio Tinto

In the lead up to the 2019 Operational Excellence in Energy, Chemicals & Resources Summit, we caught up with Nigel Steward, Head of Processing Centre of Excellence at Rio Tinto.With over 26 years in various roles within the company, Nigel tells us all about the technological transformations that are taking...

People, Process, Technology: Driving Operational Excellence at Hydro One

In anticipation of the Calgary Operational Excellence in Energy, Chemicals & Resources Summit, we sat down with Martin Huang, Vice President of System Operations at Hydro One. Martin tells us about Hydro One's journey to becoming a high reliability organization, and how the company is employing sensor technology to improve...

Learning from Human Error: How BP’s Human Performance Framework is Improving Site Safety

In the lead up to the Operational Excellence in Energy, Chemicals & Resources Summit, we sat down with Hugo Ashkar, Global Risk Manager at BP, to discuss his work in human performance and the role of human factors in overall risk management.

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25 Years of Operational Excellence at Canadian Pipeline Association

Exclusive interview with Chris Bloomer, President of the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA). As the CEPA celebrate its 25th anniversary, Chris sat down with OneBridge Solutions' Tim Edward to discuss the state of Canada's pipeline industry.

Integrating Risk & Asset Management

In the lead up to the Operational Excellence in Energy, Chemicals & Resources Summitt, we sat down with Michelle George, Vice President of Engineering & Asset Management at Enbridge Gas Distribution. Michelle tells us about how Canada's largest energy delivering company is driving operational excellence through their integrated management system...

M&A Integration: Managing change without compromising reliability, compliance and safety performance

Michele Harradence, Vice President of Gas Transmission shares how Enbridge is redesigning their operating model following their acquisition of Spectra Energy.

Monitoring Operational Risk at the Asset Level

RiskPoynt’s Bruce Chumley sat down with Occidental’s Manager of Safety and Process Risk, Stewart Behie to find out how the oil, gas and chemicals giant is identifying and monitoring operational risk at the asset level, and how they are leveraging technology to improve the outcome of safety critical decisions.

Developing a Robust Hazard Identification Process

In the lead up to this year’s Operational Excellence in Oil & Gas Summit, we sat down with Kal Johnson, Director of HSSE at Cameron LNG. Kal is accountable for developing and implementing an overarching corporate and operations HSSE management system, while maintaining strategic security infrastructure to meet MARSAC and...

Maintaining Your Safety Culture During Times of Transformation

In this new and exclusive interview, Cynthia Hansen, Executive Vice President of Utilities and Power Operations at Enbridge, shares her insight on how high-risk businesses can enable safe and reliable operations during times of transformation.

Predictive Analytics to drive real time Production Optimization

In the lead up to this year’s Operational Excellence in Energy and Utilities, we sat down with Mark Hutcherson, Director of Operational Excellence at ConocoPhillips. Mark discusses how the American energy giant is taking the next step toward digital transformation and driving real time production optimization. In this exclusive interview,...

Leveraging Data to Mitigate Asset Risk at Suncor

Leigh Mork, Director of Maintenance and Reliability Integration at Suncor Energy, shares Suncor’s approach to mitigating asset risk and how to use asset information to enable safe, reliable and cost effective operations. 

Controlling Risk in a Dangerous World: How to prevent the next accident

Exclusive interview with Jim Wetherbee, the only American astronaut to have commanded five missions in space, a former Vice President of Operational Leadership at BP and author of the recently published “Controlling Risk"! In this exclusive interview, Jim discusses the ten common adverse conditions that existed in companies that experienced...