Exclusive Presentations

2017 Presentation - Beyond Budgeting: Management Innovation for New Business and People Realities

  • The Statoil implementation journey
  • The problems with traditional management, including budgeting
  • The Beyond Budgeting principles and companies on the journey
  • Statoil’s “Ambition to Action” model

                - Redefining performance - dynamic and relative targets and a holistic performance evaluation            
                - Dynamic forecasting and resource allocation and no traditional budgets
                - From calendar-driven to event-driven; a more self-regulating management model
                - Implementation experiences and advice

Bjarte Bogsnes, Vice President, Performance Management Development, Statoil

2017 Presentation - "Trumponomics”: What it Means for Energy

In this compelling keynote address, Stephen will provide insight into the mechanics of the current US Government administration’s pro-growth energy policy, what incentives the industry can expect and how energy executives can prepare to take advantage.

Stephen Moore, Contributing Editor for the Wall Street Journal, Senior Economic Analyst at CNN,Senior Economic Advisor to US President Donald Trump

2017 Presentation - Organizational Effectiveness: Developing the Framework Needed to Reduce Operational Risk

In 2010, Captain Hung Nguyen, U.S. Coast Guard (retired) led the Joint Department of Homeland Security and Department of the Interior Investigation into the Deepwater Horizon casualty, which resulted in the largest oil spill in the U.S. History. Many of the report’s recommendations have been implemented to improve offshore oil and gas exploration and production activities.

Following his retirement from the Coast Guard, Captain Nguyen served as a Transportation Security Executive at TSA and Director, Global HSE Programs at Noble Drilling. This insightful keynote address will walk attendees through his experiences and show why organizational effectiveness requires participation and trust from everyone in the organization.

Captain Hung Nguyen, Former U.S. Coast Guard Captain and Co-chair, Deepwater Horizon Joint Investigation Team

2017 Presentation - Industry 4.0: The Next Wave of Operational Excellence in the Age of Disruption

In this practical, engaging, thought provoking and highly actionable session Henrik discussed:

  • The impact of Industry 4.0 on hazardous industries
  • The latest research on the digital forces that are shaping the Energy and Chemicals industries
  • The future of productivity and growth
  • The paradigm shift that’s happening to operational risk, reliability and safety
  • The building blocks of the next wave of Operational Excellence

Best known as the father of the digital agenda and co-founder of Industry 4.0, Henrik von Scheel is listed by the Financial Times as one of the most influential business thinkers on cooperate and national competitiveness. His work has been applied to national economies, influenced GDP growth, reset government policy and set standards that are applied by 26 NATO members. Henrik has worked on transformation projects with Shell, Aramco, Petronas, Statoil, Mærsk and Exxon, to name a few. He is a prolific writer and author of 6 best selling books and over 40 articles, and currently serves on the board of Google, Gazprom, World Economic Forum, LEADing Practice and the Global University Alliance.

Henrik von Scheel, Co-author of Industry 4.0, Advisory Board Member at Google & Gazprom

2017 Presentation - Chevron’s OE Management System: Lessons Learned from Chevron’s Operational Excellence Journey

  • High Reliability Organizations: Common characteristics of companies that systematically manage their operations
  • Examples of good OE Management Systems from different industries
  • Why the Chevron OEMS is often benchmarked and considered to be a
  • Why the Chevron OEMS is often benchmarked and considered to be a ‘gold standard’:
  • Common errors in implementing an OEMS
  • Leadership alignment: Getting everyone on the OE bus and helping leaders focus on the critical few
  • Creating an OE culture rich in feedback and continuous learning

Jeffrey Hedges, Former General Manager, Operational Excellence, Chevron

2017 Presentation - Getting Real Value from OE through ‘Boots on the Ground’ Leader Coaching

This session will describe how to coach leaders to engage with frontline workers in a different and more human way, meeting the worker wherever they are with genuine interest in what they’re doing to help them to solve today’s challenges and uncover untapped improvement opportunity. The approach drives leaders and workers to be better at recognizing risk, reducing risk tolerance whilst building pride and ownership and enabling discipline to and ownership of, process.

Robin Gardiner, Production Operations Global Discipline Lead and Upstream Process Safety & Management of Change Lead, Shell Canada