3-5 June, 2019 | Calgary, AB

Brandon Taylor

OneBridge Solutions

8:30 AM WORKSHOP B: State of the art, responsive techniques for optimizing assets: How to maintain asset integrity in a tough market through Digital Transformation

• Adopting OE without compromising on asset integrity
• Upgrading, altering and improving assets to maximise production at a lower cost
• State of the art, responsive techniques for optimising assets
• How inspection, maintenance and monitoring are being adopted as part of a proactive strategy vs a reactive response
• How to develop comprehensive asset analytics to maximise return on assets
• What is the predictive risk solution that changes the safety – productivity dynamic?
• Asset management with a lower budget:
° How to control risk by rebundling activities
° How to re optimise inspection and maintenance
° What are contingency plans?

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Brandon.

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