3-5 June, 2019 | Calgary, AB

Hugo Ashkar

Global Risk Manager

10:40 AM Understanding the connection between culture and safety, environmental and financial performance

• What is a “High Reliability Organization”?
• What’s the link between culture, reliability and Operational Excellence?
• Creating the business case for improved operational discipline
• Why a foundation of EHS Excellence and Reliability can lead to enterprise Operational
• Excellence through increased discipline, predictability, and risk management
• Building a culture of operational excellence with standardized processes that lead to integrated operations and management -Managing risk and enabling safe and reliable operations during times of volatility
• What’s required to be successful?
• With so much volatility and risk in hazardous industries today, what impact culture change can have on safety, environmental and financial performance? And compliance?

8:50 AM Risk management applied to Operational Excellence: Optimal Facility risk profiles

• Understanding the various types of risk – and what that means for your business or project provides you a holistic view of a your risk profile
• Identifying, assessing, responding to risks is good; yet the journey to risk informed decision making demands more
• Ensuring effective risk governance and reporting mechanisms are in place is sound; yet knowing what (to prioritize), how and when is better

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Hugo.

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