3-5 June, 2019 | Calgary, AB

Jeff Robinson

Kepner Tregoe

1:15 PM WORKSHOP G: Sustainable Operational Excellence: A systematic approach to find the root cause of problems quickly and reliably — and prevent them from reoccurring

We face an increasing emphasis on improving asset productivity, utilization and ultimately, profitability. With the flow of easily available capital greatly diminished, organizations must tap the underutilized resources that exist within their own processes and capabilities to release value, and defer investment. Kepner-Tregoe's (KT) Root Cause Analysis (RCA) training equips individuals and teams with the tools to systematically find the root cause of problems and prevent them from reoccurring. Quality and Continuous Improvement, plant operations, engineering, and maintenance teams around the world have used KT’s root cause analysis methodology for almost 60 years. KT has led major investigations in every industry and environment possible, and this workshop brings that wealth of experience so you can learn and practice root cause analysis skills and make an immediate impact back on the job.
Through a facilitated discovery process, this workshop will provide participants with an overview to:
• Understand how to use a systematic process to find root cause of persistent performance issues
• Avoid the common pitfall of jumping to cause – fixing a symptom that is not the problem
• Improving communication by making the thinking process visible and sharing information with other teams
• Make improvements stick
Using a step-by-step root cause analysis model gives companies a competitive advantage far beyond efficiency improvement. By developing operations leaders through a combination of coaching, facilitated implementation and training, organizations can create operational excellence
that is sustainable.

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