Plant Engineering and Maintenance Association of Canada (PEMAC)


PEMAC is a national not for profit association providing global leadership, education and certification in maintenance, reliability and asset management practices. PEMAC's mission is to improve its member's professionalism, safety, performance, and outside recognition and to act as a public voice for its members and the profession.

PEMAC members contribute in various ways to the management of physical assets for organizations in which that function is critical - organizations with one or more of the following characteristics: high consequence of failure such as airports, capital intensive such as municipal infrastructure, process intensive such as water, chemical, or manufacturing plants.

This means that we have a tremendous influence on our organization's profitability and success but also on society as a whole. We take this responsibility seriously and continuously look for opportunities to improve our performance. We are active and contributing members to the "Global Forum on Maintenance and Asset Management" working globally to align theory and practice in this developing profession.

PEMAC offers two rigorous certifications: the Maintenance Management Professional and Certified Asset Management Professional which demonstrate an individual's ability to contribute to their organization's delivery of value when it comes to the management of producing assets at the tactical and strategic levels. We host monthly webcasts in which member's share their success stories. And we hold an annual conference, MainTrain. MainTrain gathers leading experts, practitioners and professionals from across Canada and around the world to share their insights and asset management strategies.

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